Q. How can I remove stain from bento box?

We know that’s annoying! This is our go-to-tip:
(1) Mix water, 1/4 cup of bleach and a drop of dish soap in the bento-box.
(2) Microwave it for about 40 seconds. (Until the liquid is frothing)
(3) Take the bento-box out, and MAKE SURE to leave it until the liquid gets lukewarm.
(4) Don’t forget to wash it with your dish soap or clean it in the dishwasher.

Q. How can I prevent having scratches
Please don't use abrasive scrubbing brushes!

Q. Is bento-box spill proof?
No. Please make sure not to hold the box upside down!  

Q. Does your bento box/cup keep the food warm?
Our items do not hold heat, but they are microwavable.

Q. Are the bento boxes microwave safe?
Yes, our bento boxes are microwave safe. However, some parts may not be. Please check the descriptions on the package or each product page for further details.

Please do NOT use products with oily or high sugar-content foods in microwave on HIGH for extended periods of time. Any kind of pasta sauces, dressings or ketchup might contain high sugar. Check ingredients before using the microwave. 
Also, please do NOT put products in microwave for longer than 2 minutes.

Q. Does Takenaka products are dishwasher safe?
Yes. our products are dishwasher safe and microwavable. Please check each product information for special instruction.



Q. How can I become a retailer/stockiest?
Please go visit our contact page, and make sure to give us your company information. We will get back to you!

Q. Can I feature Takenaka bento box on my SNS?
Of course! Our instagram account is @takenakabento, and you can also find our FB page by searching "Takenaka global." Don't forget to tag us @takenakabento :)

Q. How can I collaborate with Takenaka bento box?
Please reach us out through our contact page with the details on the collaboration.  

Q. I would like to feature TAKENAKA on my magazine / articles.
Please reach us out through our contact page


Q. Where can I purchase a bento box?  
You can check your nearest stockist at our contact page. If you can't find one, please reach us out!