Choose your own color. TAKENAKA.

Our Story

Ishikawa, Japan, 1925. The rush of high economic growth and a new found passion for fashion inspired many Japanese people to bring their lunches to work for the first time. Recognizing this trend, a company called Takenaka soon began producing beautifully crafted bento boxes, hand-painted on the outside with colorful lacquer for the people to carry proudly.Our Evolution

Takenaka’s simple, hand polished designs soon sparked a rise in the popularity of bento style lunch boxes, and with time, they became a trend of their own. Throughout the history of Takenaka, and continuing through today, you will find the same level of high quality design in each colorful lunch box of joy.

Our Mission

1. Eat food. Eat good food.

We support local markets, home cooked meals, and packing all the good stuff inside of your bento box. We hope you will find both health and happiness in the contents of your box, and allow Takenaka to be your guide to goodness.

2. Reduce Plastic Consumption 

We all want to help save Mother Earth. By reducing waste and using more eco-friendly reusable containers, we can continue looking to the future. Takenaka bento boxes are durable and long lasting, so you can use (and reuse them) time and time again.

3. Let your Colors Shine

Takenaka offers a wide array of bright, bold, beautiful bento boxes in many different colors and expressions. We encourage you to choose the shade that brings out the best in YOU, and to always let your true colors shine through.Shine bright, shine bold, and find your own color. Takenaka.